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All You Need To Know About Liquid Chalk Markers

While traditional chalk sticks may ignite different nostalgic memories of expressing one’s artistic abilities as a child, the day of the chalk stick is long gone to be placed by the age of the chalk marker.  This article will provide a brief insight into why it is best to forget about that messy chalk stick and turn towards the new era. This article will provide insight into the numerous benefits of the chalk marker.

1. Dust-free

It is guaranteed that a mass of chalk sticks will lead to large amounts of chalky dust that ‘gets everywhere’ – everywhere being your hands, hair, furnishings and clothing.  Furthermore, as with all forms of dust, the chalk dust will linger in the air for a long period of time and can cause damage to electronic devices in the area.  Cleaning up this dust can be difficult, and considering the images drawn are erased immediately it may not be worth the effort.  A chalk marker does not leave dust but is just as bright as the traditional chalk stick.

2. Appearance

Chalk sticks appear bright and clean when first removed from the box; however, after first use they will appear dark, dull and broken.  The liquid chalk marker is exceedingly more advantageous in this respect in that they are smoother, classier and easier to use.  They represent traditional board markers with the only difference being that the liquid ink mimics chalk instead of writing as pen. You can find chalk pens here at

3. Allergy-efficient

As can be imagined, the dust from chalk sticks can trigger asthma and different allergies.  In fact, chalk dust has been linked to several respiratory troubles and schools are moving away from chalk because of the amount of troubles for children with asthma.  The chalkboard marker does not present with this difficulty as it does not present with chalk dust.


Video: Chalk Marker Coloring Technique